fearless“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Fate loves the fearless.” — James Russell Lowell

What are you afraid of?  I’m afraid of LOTS of things!  That may surprise some people who know me because they interpret my lifestyle as that of one who is fearless.      

I’m afraid of not being good enough at just about everything.  I’m afraid of getting into trouble with “the authorities”.  I’m very afraid of public speaking.  I’m afraid my past mistakes will come back to haunt me.  I’m afraid of not having enough money.  I’m afraid my kids will grow up and forget me, or not like me, or somehow be screwed up because of me.  I’m afraid my boyfriend will leave me and I’m simultaneously afraid we might be together for the rest of our lives… ETC, ETC, ETC!

Being afraid doesn’t stop me from moving confidently in the direction of my dreams.  This is key.  When it comes to fearlessness, I like Mark Twain’s observation, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not [necessarily] absence of fear.”   

Do you have fears that are holding you back?  Please consider this:

Many people have made the mistake of habitually interpreting the feeling of excitement as fear and anxiety, and therefore interpreting it as a proof of inadequacy.

Any normal person who is intelligent enough to understand the situation becomes “excited” or “nervous” just before a crisis situation.  Until you direct it toward a goal, this excitement is neither fear, anxiety, courage, confidence, or anything else other than a stepped-up, re-inforced supply of emotional steam in your boiler.  It is not a sign of weakness.  It is a sign of additional strength to be used in any way you choose. – Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S., Psycho-Cybernetics

Next time you’re afraid, do what I do.  Try to imagine the worst possible outcome if your worst fears come true.  How would you feel?  What would you do then?  It’s highly unlikely that the worst case scenario will come true and yet, usually, even if it did, you’d be OK.  However, the more you focus on a negative outcome the more likely it is that it actually will come true, so don’t stay there too long!

Now, imagine the best possible outcome if you do the thing you’re afraid to do.  How would you feel?  What would you do then?  The more you concentrate on the best case scenario, the more likely it is that it will come true.  This is the benefit of such tools as Vision Boards and Magic Movie Clips.

I’ve found that if I’m going to make up a story about how things will turn out then, for God’s sake, it’s more sensible to make up a story where I WIN!  And the more times I win, the less things I’m afraid of.  Yes, believe it or not, my list of neurotic fears used to be much, much longer!

What fears have you overcome?  What did you learn?  What’s the next fear you’re going to tackle?  Share your success stories below to inspire us and share your dreams so we can hold a vision of your future success!











24 thoughts on “fearless”

  1. I’m a fearful person too. So next time, I shall remember your advice….think of the best and worst case scenarios and know that I will be fine either way Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  2. Ah, Brenda! —

    I know about the corporate funded art-life of which you speak!

    I’m confident that you have not, in fact, spent too long in the corporate world to now write books. I hold a vision of you in my heart and mind writing and getting published in perfect timing ;-x

    Thank you for stopping by and joining the conversation!

  3. I don’t think about things, which probably explains my life and some of the strife I could write about. To answer you question, I leap and later, the fear of something sets in. Now my fear is that I discovered I wanted to write books and poems after spending too long in the corporate world. I am still there because it funds the other passion. As your others have said, motivating and thought provoking. We only have to dream to soar, and then take the first step.

  4. @Jan — A woman after my own heart! Thank you for sharing

    @Nelieta —

    First, I must say I’m so impressed by everyone’s openness to admitting their fears. I thought this was a weakness we would all want to hide. I find this sharing sort of liberating!

    Secondly, Nelieta, I think most people can relate to the fears you describe. I wonder how you cope with your fears?

    Personally, I am not really afraid of death or the unknown. In fact, I get into trouble when I make up fearful scenarios which I apply to the unknown. Then, I become afraid of it — haha!

    And yet you travel all over the world which is one of my fears! What an amazing bunch of brains and emotions we are!!!

  5. Interesting post Linda! I have many fears Let´s see. I think first it must be the fear of dying..the “unknown” and what will be happening to me in the process. I also have a fear of people (loved ones) leaving me. The fear of not being good enough or loved. The fear of belonging..oh maybe I should stop!

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