IMG_0867-RTSoul Mates.  True Love.  What do you believe? 

On a cold night in 1996 I went clubbing with my then-husband, let’s call him ‘The Darkly Gifted Songwriter’, and some friends in downtown Minneapolis.  My husband was performing at a popular club that night…  

It happens that it was ‘Psychic Night’ at that club and my girlfriend wanted to get a reading in between music sets.  I was intrigued, but I didn’t know what to believe about such things.  I decided to watch carefully and keep my mouth shut.

When it was her turn, we ducked into a curtained corner, billowing with smoky incense, finding ourselves face-to-face with a little old lady who looked like a witch.  Classic.  On the table before her was a burning candle, a crystal ball and some cards with unfamiliar pictures on them. 

The witch started by accurately describing some very specific details about my friend’s life circumstances, which would not be obvious to a stranger.  I was somewhat shocked by the accuracy and specificity with which the witch described my friend’s current job and family life.  My friend asked about her love life.

The witch abruptly turned from my friend to me and said, “You… you are the one they want to talk to!”


“Me?”  I squirmed.  “I just came to watch.”

“It is about your True Love,” the witch whispered, reaching for my hand.

“Really?  What about it?” I asked nervously.

“I see him.  He is tall, dark and handsome,” she teased, stroking my hand.  I guessed she must have seen me earlier with my husband, who was tall and handsome, although not dark, except for his personality.

“My husband is 6’4” …” I offered.

“It’s not him!” she practically spat at me.  “This one is not that tall.  Almost six feet tall.  His name begins with a ‘K’ sound, like Kevin or … Ke- …. Ka- …. I can’t make it out … hmmm … You will not meet him for sometime … um-hmmm … you both have lessons to learn, before you can meet each other …”

“How will I meet him?” I asked.

“It’s looks like … hmmm … it’s not the phone, but something like the phone … hmmm …”

“When will we meet?”

“When the time is right.  Learn your lessons, so you’ll be ready.  That is all.  That is the message for you.”

After my divorce, I sometimes thought about that witch.  For a long time, when I’d hear someone call out, “Hey, Kevin! or “Keith” or “Carter”  I’d turn and look, and wonder.  But, then I forgot about it and I fell in love and married someone who’s name started with an ‘M’ sound.  Like, “Mmmmmm”.  And I learned more lessons about what does and doesn’t work in a relationship.  Mostly what doesn’t work.

Then, tonight I’m snuggling with Mr. C and watching the movie ‘Serendipity’, a love story about Soul Mates.  I remember the night club witch’s prophecy from long ago.  In my mind, I run through the check-list of her description of my True Love, noting a profound number of ‘synchronicities’ which apply to Mr. C including his name, appearance and the way we met.  I’ve enjoyed the gentle slopes of my relationship with Mr. C through the years we’ve been together and specifically we often comment on how we’ve grown as the result of lessons learned in past relationships, so we could each bring a better self to this relationship.  I feel a little misty.  And I wonder.  But, mostly I’m grateful for the amazing mystery of it all.

Do you believe in True Love?  What do you wonder?  What do you know?       


PS The Darkly Gifted Songwriter’s new wife has recently published the book: Soulmate Hunting After 40: The Mature Person’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love and Happiness.  I have not read it, but I love to believe that True Love wins again!

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68 Responses to ““It’s not him!””

  1. Clarence

    What is true? What is false? It’s all real. Not sure we can convince “Kevin.” (Somewhere, there is a Kevin wondering, wait, wait…)


  2. Pamela

    Hmm. . .*thoughts tumbling about* Hmmm. . . *more tumbling*
    I am unsure yet hopeful. I am happy for you and Mr. C. I know that true love exists because I have felt it in the most pure form as a mother and as a best friend. I have yet to experience the fulfilling type of “eros” love/communication you now enjoy. I have felt love, experienced love, passionately and in an all consuming manner for years and just because we ended up defining “love” differently/expressing “love” (or not) differently doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who lives a similar “love” type as me. In the meantime, I am left with a heart that is broken, scarred, and held together with duct tape. . .yet, still grateful for the loves I have and hopeful. Friendship and family are very special kinds of love So, hmmm. . . *thoughts tumbling about*


  3. Pamela

    Oh geez! My manners! Happy, happy birthday and blogiversary!!!!!!!!! Yayyyy!


  4. Patty

    It’ s funny the only psychics I’ve ever met have found me always while shopping or in a parking lot after shopping. They have always known secret things about me and have always offered me a message for someone else. None of them ever offered any information on my love life…I had to figure that out on my own.

    I think true love exists but I agree there are lessons we must learn before finding it. Maybe that way we’ll appreciate it so much more!


  5. melissa

    I surely believe in almost everything…from fairies to mystics… angels and visionaries… love…hmmm…Most of the time, I’d end up disillusioned. I’d blame it for expecting too much from certain situations.

    I loved somebody my whole lifetime… well, I love certain people in a romantic way but it could never be achieved in a much higher level because they are no longer available.

    I call your love story “serendipity” ;)…and I could sense that you’re happy with your love right now.

    I love this post…so fitting for your birthday and blogversary :*


  6. Clarence

    Hey, Guys.

    Who says the lessons we are leaning, with our ultimate or best partner or with some other experience or person, are not part of the substance of true love?

    Are there really mistakes? Are mistakes nothing more than lessons that tell us not to do a particular thing again or that it is wrong?

    Granted, there are things that we should never do again and are wrong–for us, for another or for the sake of love, or Love, but we are all getting there, if we let ourselves get there.

    I wish I could number all my lessons–enough lessons or “mistakes” to make me an expert, WHICH I HAVE NOT BECOME, but there is a lot of love and maybe a soul mate or two along the way. (Some hurt and sadness, too, but even some of those places have love in them.)

    We are humans looking to love. I hope we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that love is going to look more like Jesus than the frightened Peter who denied three times. Heck, I look more like Peter than Jesus. I look more human than Peter. I try to love, though.


  7. Jenni

    I am well acquainted with Tarot readings. My mom has read them for ages, as well as a few others in my family. I don’t. Not because they aren’t accurate but, because I prefer to listen and allow the Universe to guide me without anything coming between, that could be misinterpreted. As with all things unseen or unknown, you either believe or you don’t.

    Happy birthday Linda and a very happy blogoversary too! May you have many more and much happiness in your relationship.


  8. Leah

    This was an interesting story. I have never had my cards, palm, or future read. I would have been like you, sitting quietly in the corner trying to remain anonymous. Either way, it seems like true love has finally found you. I’m thrilled for you Linda! Enjoy your love and the remaining hours of what I hope was a fabulous birthday! Oh, and happy blogiversary too!


  9. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Pamela! —

    I have more questions than answers, myself.

    And, I also have learned some answers over the years, which I will share in the coming year.

    I also appreciate you sharing your wisdom when you feel moved to do so.

    And, remember, God gets in through the cracks when our hearts break …



  10. Alpana Jaiswal

    That was an interesting write up.I do believe in true love…but I really don’t know whether it has really happened with me.I truly believed to be in love with my ex husband,but it turned out to be one sided…and now,I have kind of conditioned myself to never give so much of myself into any relationship…that there is nothing left for me.I am in love right now….and he is someone with whom I share my deepest longings, and sense of direction. We do share a special bond, an unconditional love, respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other…and I do hope he is my soul mate.
    Hope you had a great birthday.


  11. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Patty,

    It’s interesting about psychics having info for other people, right? Like my friend wanted info about her love life and she got info about MY LOVE LIFE, that I didn’t ask for! haha!

    I do agree that when we learn our lessons, we are ready to appreciate True Love more when we see it. In fact, that’s another whole post on the way …

    Thank you for seeing me and sharing yourself XOXOXOX


  12. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Melissa! —

    Funny, ‘Serendipity’ is the name of the movie I was watching with Mr. C that made me remember the witch’s prediction! Have you seen it???

    If you believe in “everything…from fairies to mystics… angels and visionaries”, then we should be spending alot more time together than we are

    Thank you for visiting — Please stop back again soon!!!


  13. Tameka Mullins

    I like this story. Sometimes we learn more about how not to love when in certain relationships so that when we meet the right person we are all studied up! I’m so happy you have your Mr. C! I do believe in true love. I’ve had it. I wish it lasted longer though.


  14. Pamela

    Oh yes, dear Linda. Life moves in mysterious ways and He does allow little glimpses of clarity when our eyes are open to sight. I will write more in time. It’s amazing how we all are living narratives. . .walking, breathing, loving, living. In loving, we are most human and most divine. I “love” the fact that I have contemplated love and philosophized about it more in the last few days than I have in a while. I mean REALLY thought about it. It’s been a positive experience. I am in continual amazement when I realize the importance of using our hearts to keep them soft. . .even if they are scarred, bruised, or battered. They still work!


  15. colleen

    Happy birthday Linda, I hope that the coming years continue to bring you joy and love.


  16. Susan Deborah

    Happy birthday and blogoversary. I liked reading through your post and wondering about psychics and their ilk. I’m glad that your life, at the moment is lovely and happy. Love exists, true or not, I don’t know.

    Joy and love always,


  17. rimly

    What is true love? I know love is true whether it works out with someone or not. Love by itself is a true feeling and emotion. I have across quite a few of these fortune tellers. I dont know whether to believe them or not. But one thing is for sure when the time is right and when I am ready somebody will again come into my life whether it is for the rest of my life or for a short while and it will be love all over again. Also psychics can tune into our thoughts, the energy that we emanate at that point and predict and most often we hear what we want to hear about our life at that time though the interpretation can have another meaning altogether . Maybe you didnt meet a K but you sure did meet your soul mate, Mr. C. So have a ball!!!!


  18. Dangerous Linda

    Hello, Clarence! —

    I agree with you that ‘lessons we are learning, with our ultimate or best partner or with some other experience or person, are part of the substance of true love.’

    In fact, that’s some of what I tried to impart with this piece. Even if I had met Mr. C in 1996, we could not have had what we have now because we were both married to other people and we were not the people we would grow into who could appreciate the relationship we now share.

    Maybe ‘True Love’ is not a person as much as a state we reach in life.

    Although, I must admit, it’s very difficult for me to imagine being as compatible with anyone in this lifetime as I am with Mr. C. But, of course, that’s what we always think when we’re in love …


  19. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Jenni! —

    More than my romantic relationships has changed since ‘Psychic Night’ …

    I have had many significant spiritual experiences, including learning to read the Tarot starting about 10 years ago. It’s an important part of my daily life now.

    Thank you for the birthday blessing! XOXOX


  20. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Leah! —

    I’m amazed that by the age of 55 you’ve never had a psychic reading of any kind. Especially someone, like you, who’s eating life raw!!!

    Thank you for visiting and sharing, Sexy Sagittarius! It’s a whole New Year, right?



  21. Savy

    I have tried many readings and not one of them came out true…. Numerology, palmistry etc So I chalk it up to being unreadable ! LOL Anyway when the right time comes the rest will follow….
    Love is love…. when it happens and you feel and find that peace within hold on to it…
    May you always have and share special moments with Mr C… You both are meant to be!


  22. Corinne Rodrigues

    Have never had a psychic reading done, because I feel that I’d start sub-consciously acting according to it….But this is surely very interesting….I’m so glad you that Mr C is all the things that K sounded like ♥


  23. Martha Orlando

    Wow! What an amazing story – I had goosebumps . . .
    Yes, I do believe in true love, Linda, because I finally found my heart and soul in Danny.
    Blessings to you!


  24. Brenda

    Perfect! I love the song, but more, the way two voices entwine around the lyrics. Yes, another post where you and I are writing from the same side of the moon. I would say that is freaking and no way, but I can’t because I am a believer in stranger things have happened. Still, reading this gives me tingles. I believe there is such a true love, but it’s not always a forever sort of love. A person, if lucky, can experience true love (we each define it differently) in a moment, live it a lifetime, or somewhere in between. Regardless of how long it lasts the feeling never leaves us, not ever.


  25. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Alpana,

    I sense that you have been hurt and feeling protective of your heart. I have seen that in your poetry, as well…

    One of my Spiritual teachers explained to me that my ‘soul mates’ include all the people in this lifetime who I’ve traveled with in previous lifetimes. That includes virtually everyone who is more than an acquaintance in this lifetime. As a result of this, and my own experience, I do believe in the concept of ‘soul mates’ but I don’t limit myself to just one.

    For example, I am convinced that my ex-husband and my current boyfriend are BOTH my ‘soul mates’. Soul mates incarnate together to learn life’s lessons and work out Karma — not necessarily to ‘complete each other’ and/or stay together forever.

    Thank you for stopping by to say “Hi!” and for sharing so authentically! XO


  26. Jessica Brant


    Oh do I ever believe in true love and I have him, behold him, adore him beyond belief.
    I feel all warm and fuzzzzzzzzy inside.

    Thank you for giving me a smile today



  27. Debra

    I read the other day that in school we learn the lessons, then take the test. But in real life we are tested, then learn the lessons. This story just reminded me of how, when we seem to “fail” life’s tests, we learn more than if we hadn’t fallen short of the mark.

    Was that you singing with your ex in the song? Sweet collaboration. I’m a song writer from back when. My husband and I recorded together several years ago.

    True Love? I’m happy you found Mr. C… and how ironic that the Dark and Gifted songwriter’s newbie has a book on finding happiness in a soul mate after 40. I wonder how she became the authority on these matters… You think it was from learning “her lessons?”


  28. PORTIA

    I am told that love will find you out. I am waiting.


  29. sulekha

    Happy birthday and happy blogoversary. I believe in true love, soul mates and the works. I have found mine in my gem of a husband, he spoils me rotten and adores me like crazy, we belong together. Happy for you and Mr C. Enjoy


  30. Dangerous Linda

    Hey, Sister Sag Tameka! —

    I agree with your statement: “Sometimes we learn more about how not to love when in certain relationships so that when we meet the right person we are all studied up!”

    When things go bad in a relationship, if we fall into the trap of simply blaming the other person instead of learning our own lessons then we are destined to take the same ‘class’ over and over with different partners, right? And yet, that is how many jilted lovers operate.

    The last words of your comment are haunting: “I do believe in true love. I’ve had it. I wish it lasted longer though.” I want to know more …

    Thank you for sharing your insights this past year through your posts and comments. Looking forward to more in 2012!


  31. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Pamela,

    This is True with a capital “T”: “I realize the importance of using our hearts to keep them soft. . .even if they are scarred, bruised, or battered. They still work!”

    There have been many times over the years when I wanted to harden my heart to protect it from breaking even more! I’m glad and grateful that I chose to keep working it, kneading in love’s lessons! The reward in the end is worth the trouble!

    Keep the faith, Sistah! XOXO


  32. Dangerous Linda

    @Colleen: Thank you for the birthday blessing!! XO

    @Susan: Your comment reminds me of this quote, ‎”If you are lucky and work very hard, you may someday get to experience freedom from the known.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

    Thank you for the birthday and blogiversary wishes! XO


  33. Tameka Mullins

    Oh my Dangerous Linda! That is a story that should be shared over a friend’s lunch and cocktails! LOL! But, I will say this, it was a love born out of youth, innocence and shared admiration. It will live on in my heart. I will never forget my first lover who became my most most passionate relationship. I see him in a different light now, but I will always remember how he loved me best.

    Yes, both parties should own their lessons in a relationship. Often times we blame the other when we have a bit part in the play too. I have loved your posts, pictures and insights and now that I know we are both SAG’s (my bday was on Dec 4) I am even more thrilled to have met you! Cheers!


  34. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Rimly,

    There is wisdom in your words, especially this: “love is true whether it works out with someone or not. Love by itself is a true feeling and emotion.”

    True, true! I loved, and still love, The Dark & Gifted Songwriter! But, he’s not a very nice person and my life is much happier without him in it.

    Just to clarify, my fortune-teller told me that my True Love’s name would start with a “K sound” not specifically with the letter K. Mr. C’s name qualifies in that regard

    As you say, he’s my soul mate either way and your next love is already on the way if you’re ready!

    Thank you stopping by to chat! Please come back soon!


  35. Lynne Watts

    It’s an interesting combination: true love… meaning I guess that some love is fake, not meant to last? I believe all relationships have the potential for true love but it is necessary to grow and nurture the relationship. It is important to make sure it is based on a solid foundation, that we love ourselves first and are not looking to complete ourselves in others. That we love the other for who they truly are and not what we wish they would become. Obviously I could go on and on… love is very complicated. Have I accomplished all this? Not even a little bit….


  36. jan

    True love for me came in the form of my husband, like you we each had lessons to learn, that is why our first attempt did not work. 16 years later we were ready and are extraordinarily in love. Our love has mellowed past the infatuation stage to a deep intensely honest affection for each other. There is no question we had to grow and change for it to e all it could be, for reasons only the universe knows we couldn’t do that together. The closest I have come to any reading is an astrologer reading my chart. Looking back it was incredible accurate. <3<3<3


  37. Dangerous Linda

    @Savy: ‘Unreadable’, that is interesting … Thank you for stopping by to say, “Hi!” XOXO

    @Corinne: I’m amazed at how many people, like you, have never had a reading of any kind. I know what you mean, though, about feeling like you might start ‘sub-consciously acting according to it….’ — that’s why I don’t go to the doctor — haha! Thanks for the LUV ;-x

    @Martha: I’m so happy you found your True Love in Danny! You two are very cute together! May your love and happiness grow with each passing day!! XOXO


  38. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Brenda! ~

    When The Darkly Gifted Songwriter originally wrote ‘Don’t They Know’ the female part of the song did not exist. He considered it a finished product with just the male part. In the end, I agree with you that the intertwining of the lyrics and voices is the best part of the song.

    True Love does not always translate as ‘a forever sort of love’, you say, and it’s true…

    That is the basis for many tragic love stories throughout the ages, right?

    Thank you for sharing your heart and mind so generously here throughout the past year! Looking forward to getting to know you even better in 2012! XOXO


  39. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Jessica! —

    I’ve never heard you refer to your sweetheart that way before! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, too

    Let the L-O-V-E flow!! Thank you for sharing!! XO


  40. Shreya

    Lovely story, great read xx


  41. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Debra! —

    I wondered when someone would get around to asking if that was me singing the woman’s part in Don’t They Know. No. That was The Darkly Gifted Songwriter’s soon-to-be-next-girlfriend…Perfect, right? I can laugh now — haha! He refused to let me sing the part, stating emphatically, “We’re not pulling a Linda McCartney here!”

    I’d love to hear one of your recordings with your husband sometime.

    Thank you for your blessing — I’m happy I found Mr. C, too!

    As far as The New Mrs. Darkly Gifted Songwriter’s expertise on finding your soul mate after 40, I probably shouldn’t say too much. Knowing him, I’m just glad he’s her dream boat in her later years because that would make me sad. I do find it ironic that any book alluding to a relationship with him has the word ‘mature’ in the title


  42. Rachel

    I think I’m still learning the lessons. But, thank goodness, I still believe in true love. Happy birthday and blogoversary. I’m so glad that witch’s prediction came true for you.


  43. Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu

    Hi again Linda! Going through some of the comments, it looks like you recently had a birthday. Wish you a belated, but, a very happy birthday… and a year full of love and many beautiful sunrises!

    Speaking of “soul mates”, this is what one of my spiritual gurus in this lifetime shared with me…

    [Begin quote]The soul mate is often the one who contracted before incarnating to provide the lessons leading to the most growth for the other. Soul mates are often the ones who put you through hell until you come out the other side your own person. And later on, round the cosmic camp fire you each have a good laugh about it and say “Thanks for all that work. Next time I’ll do the same for you.”[End quote]

    True love? Yes. I definitely DO believe in it. But as that “Witch” said, we need to learn our lessons first, before we can truly enjoy and appreciate our “true love”. As they say… “If we never see the dark, we won’t be able to really appreciate the light.”

    Thanks for sharing this post. Love… Chicky


  44. SJ

    I believe in it! I know I’ve also lost it and then found true love with someone else years later. Some would say that you only have one true love but people change as they mature so they would say that the person who was your true love at 17 who is not your true love at 50 was never your true love? It didn’t last so therefore it’s not true? I don’t belive that.

    What is true love other than the ability for two people to love each other unconditionally with all their being. Is true love forever? Does that mean that it’s only true if they can have a lasting relationship or is being able to have the lasting relationship part which really signifys true love? If that’s that case then does a lasting relationship count as true love or great companionship/mutual love and respect but not passionate? ooooh too many questions and a bit of a whirlwind but I really really want to hear your take on this one Great post x


  45. Andy

    As one who writes, breathes, lives in the image of love, I will say an astounding “YES” true love exists.
    Love never changes. It is timeless, deathless & never-ending. We imperfect humans with all of our fickle emotions are the ones who change & blame it on love. When all is said & done, we were created from love to love & be loved in return. How we deal with love is up to us. All we have to do is believe in it.

    Very nice post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Belated birthday wishes/congratulations on your blogoversary!

    For ref:
    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Dear Andy,

    WoW! You said it all! I am speechless in light of your AWESOME WISDOM!

    Thank you for sharing! XOXOXO
    Dangerous Linda recently posted…“It’s not him!”My Profile


  46. Dangerous Linda

    @Portia: I bet if I look up the word ‘poetic’ in the dictionary I’ll find a picture of YOU! Everything you say sounds like a love poem. Holding you in my heart as you wait. XO

    @Sulekha: How wonderful for you that your hubby spoils and adores you like crazy!! The way you describe your relationship makes me feel mushy — everyone loves lovers in love, right?

    Thank you for the Happy Birthday & Blogiversary Wishes!!


  47. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Lynne! —

    Your comment brings this quote to mind: “Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is.” – Diane Ackerman

    Intellectually I agree with much of your premise that: “…all relationships have the potential for true love but it is necessary to grow and nurture the relationship.”

    Ironically, it was when I finally gave up expecting myself to love and accept the other unconditionally that I became free to discover someone who is so easy to love and be happy with. I’ve heard, and believed, all my life that relationships take hard work, and now I wonder if that was a lie!

    When I say True Love, in this context, I’m talking about an individual rather than a feeling toward an individual. I don’t love Mr. C more than my previous lovers. But, it’s so easy to love him and be happy with him, I never knew a relationship could feel this good over the years! Therefore, fake love is not the opposite of True Love, but, I’m not sure what is …

    We are living in the question, you & I — thank you for playing along


  48. Kim

    Great post-love it! So Happy Belated Birthday lady. Mine is on Wednesday and I am hitting the big 50! What a story, I am also divorced a man- I had been married to for 23 years, he died 3 years after. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth, but at one time he was my true love, the one that the world turned for. He was the true love to who I was at the time.

    I swore I would never marry again. God brought me a gift and his name is Mark. No one would have ever guessed he was my type, not even me at one time, but if ever there was a prince, it is him! This man is the polar opposite of my first husband, and took on my baggage, my grown son’s mental illness ( he lives with us and he is the best father to him) and my other kids who didn’t want someone else in my life after their dad died. I guess as we grow and change, what is right for us changes also. I am turning 50 and happier than I have ever been. I am comfortable in my own skin (miracle for me)! and know what’s important and what’s not, finally. I hear what you say about it being so easy to love your man, it’s like that for me too, we are so blessed to have that. Sorry I am so wordy, love posts that get me thinking like this.


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Hi, Kim! ~

    Love this: “He was the true love to who I was at the time.”

    The truth is, I believe The Darkly Gifted Songwriter is also my Soul Mate — just not the one I was meant to be with forever. I like to believe anyone who is more than an acquaintance in this lifetime is someone I have traveled with in a previous lifetime and came to this incarnation to see again for whatever needed to be healed, resolved, or enhanced between us.

    I’m grateful to have had that opportunity with my past love. Having said that, Easy Love is, as you say, SO MUCH EASIER (and more fun!)!!!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your beautiful love story too!
    Dangerous Linda recently posted…“It’s not him!”My Profile


  49. Brenda

    Linda, clearly I am a believer in true love, even if it’s in the moment. I am flattered to have found you, too. I started the year wondering who should I be as a blogger ( I know who I am as a writer) but I could not distinguish the two halves of me, so…. I figure some will enjoy reading, some will not. I do quite like the song, btw.


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Hi, Brenda,

    How interesting to stumble across these ‘old’ comments after the fact! Look how long we’ve known each other already and how far we’ve come! Friendship is another type of ‘soul mate’ relationship which gets less press than romantic love, but is no less AMAZING!

    I’m happy to be on this journey with YOU! XOXOXOX


  50. Susan Deborah

    Linda, its is strange that you mention JK’s quote. I worked in a JK school Rishi Valley (Some pictures in my blog are of the school ) for two years and they were the best two years of my life so far. Your reply brought a smile to my face.

    Hugs and much love

    Joy always,


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Susan Deborah,

    Small world, right? Thank you for visiting and bringing the world that much closer!

    Dangerous Linda recently posted…“It’s not him!”My Profile


  51. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Jan! —

    Reading about your relationship with your husband makes me feel all mushy inside — I’m happy you are happy and in love

    You seem to understand where I’m coming from with this post and we maybe have some similar relationship experiences in common?

    This is such a beautiful sentiment which you expressed and what I’ve always wanted in an intimate relationship: “Our love has mellowed past the infatuation stage to a deep intensely honest affection for each other.”

    I have also had my birth chart created and translated for me which was very accurate. The most intriguing piece of all this for me is to realize that there is more to life than what is plain to see everyday …

    Thank you so much for stopping by to share your ideas and experiences — Best wishes for you and your sweet hubby!! XOXO


  52. Dangerous Linda

    @Shreya: Thank you for visiting — Please come back soon

    @Rachel: I appreciate your happy birthday and blogiversary wishes! Thank you!


  53. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Chicky! —

    Thank you for the birthday blessing! It was GREAT!!

    Your description of soul mates pretty much matches my own. One of my important spiritual teachers once told me that anyone who is more than an acquaintance in this lifetime has probably traveled with me in a previous lifetime, thus making them my soul mate according to your description above. One thing I’m wondering is whether my ‘soul mate(s)’ is different than my ‘true love’? Or is that just semantics? I don’t know.

    I especially agree with this statement: “If we never see the dark, we won’t be able to really appreciate the light.”

    Thank you so much for stopping by and joining the conversation! Please come back soon!


  54. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Sarah-Jane! ~

    I’ve been incubating on your comment(s) ever since you posted. Thank you for sharing your ideas about True Love.

    I agree with you: “…the person who was your true love at 17 who is not your true love at 50 was never your true love? It didn’t last so therefore it’s not true? I don’t belive that.”

    In fact, this is one reason it took me so long to post this story after I conceived it. Obviously, I can’t foresee the future and I was concerned that if, for some reason, Mr. C and I should part ways then some people might believe the story was ruined. Not necessarily so. I am not attached to outcomes as much as I am interested in understanding Truth.

    My marriage to The Darkly Gifted Songwriter was an incredibly important relationship for me, not only in this lifetime but in an eternal sense. I loved him very much and I still love him. But, I’m also happy that I grew out of our romantic relationship, which was consistently devastatingly painful for me.

    I wonder if the concept of ‘True Love’, as my little ‘witch’ described it, refers to ‘true’ as meaning ‘virtuous, pure and unclouded’ rather than ‘correct, right, and real’. This feels like the proper contrast, in my experience, between my relationships with The Darkly Gifted Songwriter and Mr. C. My current relationship feels virtuous, pure and unclouded due in part to the learning I gained from my previous relationship which was correct, right and real for the time.

    Lastly, I would like to emphasize that I have more questions than answers on this subject. I am sharing my experience, not lecturing from a sense of expertise. If and when you have a chance to respond, I will enjoy taking in your reactions and conclusions.



  55. Janaki Nagaraj

    Such a lovely story…I do believe in true love and soul mates.


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Dear Janaki,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my love story…

    I am not surprised you are a true romantic ;-*



  56. Erin Maureen

    What a beautiful and inspiring love story! I love tarot cards, palm readings and horoscopes – but would never take any action based on a reading – other than purchasing a lotto ticket, of course!

    I believe in true love – I like how you describe it as “gentle slopes” – I think that’s exactly it! Not the cliffs and storms we see in the movies. I believe true love is humbling, we realize just how lucky we were to find the person and how little we could have done to make it happen/stop it from happening. There’s certainly something written in the stars about it…


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Erin Maureen,

    Long time, no see! I wonder how the ‘professional date-maven’ is doing these days???

    Interesting to note you ‘love’ tarot cards and the like, but apparently you don’t actually believe in them? Since you wouldn’t take action based on them, what exactly do you love about them?

    Hope to catch up with you one day soon! XOXXO
    Dangerous Linda recently posted…“It’s not him!”My Profile


  57. Carrie


    Love your story. That is what I needed to hear. I am going through separation and ultimately (it looks like), divorce. I wish I had the witch to tell me I will meet someone, my soul mate, for I am in a very lonely place.

    Lessons have been full and plentiful, I could use a little gentleness in my life.

    BTW- one of my favorite movies is “Serendipity”.

    Blessings, Carrie


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Dear Carrie,

    Been there, My Dear! I know how much it hurts! I also know there’s more to Life & Love than we see or understand in this secular reality. You also know this most of the time — I want to hold your hand and reassure you while you’re feeling a little shaky ;-*

    You know where to reach me if you need a soft place to land…

    Dangerous Linda recently posted…“It’s not him!”My Profile


  58. My Inner Chick

    happy birthday and blogiversary, Linda!!

    Do I believe in True Love / Soul Mates?


    Xxxx Kisssssssssss from Duluth.

    Ps. I love your photos of you and your Lovahhh!
    My Inner Chick recently posted…Murder, Therapy, & Walking Thru The FireMy Profile


  59. sonalli desai

    Dear Dangerous n gorgeous Linda.Lovely romantic post.
    I personally believ in love. N you wrote it in such a lovelyfashion. Love to read your other post n pics. God bless u .


  60. Diana Stevan

    A great post and how lovely for you that you found love again. You might be interested in knowing that my novel, A CRY FROM THE DEEP, coming out mid-October, is about the kind of love you talk about here. Psychics come into play in my story as well. I believe in everlasting love and finding love the second time around. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Hi, Diana! ~

    Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my very personal Love Story!

    I originally wrote and posted this piece about 3 years ago and I remember feeling like I was kind of going out on a limb because my relationship with Mr. C was only a few years old at the time. We are only more in love with each passing year — what a wonderful and mysterious gift!

    I’m intrigued by your description of your novel — I will definitely look forward to learning more!
    Dangerous Linda recently posted…holy-emotional-roller-coaster-ride, batman!My Profile


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