“You cannot tailor make your situation in life, but you can tailor make your attitudes to fit those situations.” ~ Zig Ziglar

“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” ~ Zig Ziglar


Many parents want to raise fully empowered kids.  Unfortunately, today there seems to be an epidemic of teen suicide, the last resort of extreme powerlessness.  Our hearts are breaking and we want to make it stop.  How do we empower the underdog?               

Earlier this month 11-year-old Kierra “Kiki” Walker shot and killed herself in my hometown, Merrimack, New Hampshire.  She was a sixth grader at my alma mater, James Mastricola Upper Elementary School, where she reportedly suffered from unrelenting bullying from the other kids.  An anti-bullying rally and candlelight vigil is being scheduled in honor of her memory. 

I was bullied when I lived in Merrimack, although mostly in my own home.  As a result, I began to seriously consider taking my own life when I was a little older than Kiki.  I played the scenario over in my mind.  In my imagination I saw the police standing over my lifeless body shaking their heads and asking my dad what happened.  My father would respond politely, “I don’t know, Officers.  She was just plain crazy!”  The cops would then solemnly offer their condolences and be on their way.  Personally, if I had thought for one moment that I might have received any sort of post-mortem vindication, let alone a candle-light vigil, I might have gone through with it.

In the middle of my junior year of high school my family moved from New Hampshire to Minnesota.  This brought me to my eleventh ‘new’ school in as many years across five different states.  My home life was more toxic than ever and I was pretty socially disconnected.  At that point my thoughts of suicide escalated.

It was during these darkest of days that I was offered a very part-time job by the mother of an acquaintance at my new high school.  Each Saturday morning she paid me to help her clean her beautiful home for a few hours.  At lunch time she prepared a simple meal and set me up in her living room with head phones on, to eat and listen to audio tapes by this crazy guy named Zig Ziglar.  “This is for you,” she explained.  “You don’t have to tell anybody else about this.  It’s for you.”  That’s all she said. 

One thing that strikes me about this scenario is that she didn’t ask me about my bruises or explain to me that I deserve better treatment or confront my abusers.  What she did do is teach me how to tap into the power of my own mind and it’s one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me.  I’m eternally grateful to Mrs. Moroney and to Zig Ziglar for the likes of this:    


I’m really glad I changed my mind and decided to live.  Life is AMAZING!  One thing I’ve realized is that the more challenges I come across, the more challenges I’m able to overcome.  I grow in strength and wisdom with every experience.  I can honestly say that I embrace all the experiences of my life because they have contributed to me becoming the woman I am today. 

We cannot control other people or many external events, but we can control ourselves.  If your life is anything less than you want it to be right now, for any reason, I encourage you to begin experimenting with the creative potential of your own mind to make your life better.  Read about people who inspire you, like Zig Ziglar.  Make a Vision Board.  Watch inspiring films, you’ll find plenty of examples in the Magic Movie Clips Library.  And while you’re at it, find a good therapist, mentor or friend who helps you exercise your intellect and unleash your full potential.  

Where do you find inspiration?  What seemingly insurmountable obstacle did you overcome which made you stronger in the end?  Let’s celebrate life by encouraging each other –- please leave your success story in the comments below! 

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67 Responses to “underdog 2 upperdog”

  1. Martha Orlando

    Wow, Linda, what a powerful, personal story and what a glorious message for all of us! It is so true – we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control our reactions. A positive outlook, our optimism, our trust in God, can and will get us through the toughest times.
    I’m very grateful for Mrs. Moroney and Zig Ziglar, too. My world would not be as blessed if you were not here in it, my friend.
    Thanks for sharing with honesty and grace as always.
    Blessings to you!


  2. Jim

    Thank you for putting this out there — many of us have had to deal with less then perfect situations at home and many still are. Your story hopefully will help them see a way out.
    Thanks Again



  3. Lisa Brandel

    Bloody Brilliant, Linda. Like you, and that little girl, I was bullied in school, and it lead to my own attempt on my life. Which, is why at one hand I have a deep empathy for anyone in that position, and on the other hand work toward empowering others to take control of their life, and emotions. It is a journey, no one size fits all thing ever…but so worth it. Blessings and love Linda I’m so glad to be your friend!


  4. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Martha! ~

    Ohhh! Your comment makes me misty! Thank you for all that you are, my friend!



  5. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Jim! ~

    Long time, no see, stranger!

    As you say, I hope that my sharing this story will help somebody with something — who knows? But, we keep trying, right?

    Thank you for stopping by to say “Hi!” — I’ll have to pop over to your neck of the woods and see what’s cookin’! XOXO

    Thank you for putting this out there — many of us have had to deal with less then perfect situations at home and many still are. Your story hopefully will help them see a way out.
    Thanks Again


  6. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Lisa,

    I kiss your little girl forehead — so grateful you survived your ordeal! And, Lordy, just look at you now!!! Bloody Brilliant, Yourself!!!

    Thank you for your loving encouragement and support. I appreciate traveling on this journey with YOU! XOXO


  7. Amy

    Bless those who carry the message … it CAN be different! I am hearing more and more stories of bullying; I am so very grateful that I get to home-school my kids.

    Thank you for sharing your story with such grace and dignity!


  8. Clarence

    The scene from your imagination as a girl after taking your life–your father’s reaction. It’s a funny line, “I don’t know,” the first line of irony, “I guess she was just crazy,” something for punch (line)–SHE was crazy. But it’s not all that absurd a reaction–well, it is absurd, but true enough.

    When I was growing up, I could not imagine any such thing. As an adult, I have seen and felt it enough to know that it is real and not simple, complex and ingrained enough so that Mrs. Maroney did her best with a subtle (subversive) offering.

    What “kills” me is that we don’t pay attention to anything until someone kills themselves or something so horrible happens that the people standing around would be too embarrassed to not react. Or we are so used to the old normal that we don’t have expectations for kids or ourselves for something better or healthier.

    I am glad that my son is taking initiative on this issue at his school, is finding the resources, strength and self-respect to do so. Now, he’s trying to make other people do the same, which he needs as much as his school community.


  9. Clarence

    Speed of lightning
    Roar of thunder
    Fighting all who
    Rob or plunder
    Underdog, Underdog!


  10. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Amy! ~

    I chose to home-school my oldest son, too, and I understand the impulse

    Thank you for stopping by today and lending your moral support! XOXO


  11. Carrie

    All I craved was love. I craved it so much that I sat on a rooftop and contemplated jumping so that someone would then love me. I stood on a bridge, with my toes on the edge anticipating the icy waters of the Mississippi, knowing in my soul that THEN, I would be loved. I would be loved if I endured my stomach being pumped to expell the bottle of Tylenol I had swallowed. I would be loved if I was hospitalized for 72 hours because unless you suceed at killing yourself, it is a crime to try.

    Yet, what I didn’t know all those years, before I heard of people like Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra was that the love I craved was inside me! The love WAS me, IS me and is all around me. I didn’t love myself and I attracted what I felt…loathing, insecurity and worthlessness.

    My question is, how do we teach self-love? I am open to the possibility that we come with a path that we have to live out. My parents loved me, they told me, they tucked me in at night, they sang songs to me and somehow, for me, it wasn’t enough…was it just my path or was there something they didn’t teach me? Maybe I needed a Mrs. Maroney in my life.


  12. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Clarence! ~

    Right — you nailed the irony of the scene in my little girl imagination. That part of the story hasn’t changed. I’m pretty sure my entire family of origin thinks I’m crazier than ever!

    The thing about personal empowerment is that one no longer blames or tries to control other people to improve one’s life situation. Ironically, by taking personal responsibility we can finally control ourselves! Not everybody will buy into this idea, but once a person really tries it there is no denying its power!

    Kudos to your little man for taking initiative at his school. That, in itself, is a bold and empowering move which will make it less likely that he will be bullied.

    PS Love the Underdog theme song! Underdog and Casper the Friendly Ghost were my two favorite cartoons as a kid


  13. Savira

    Linda it is heart breaking to hear about the 11year old Kirra…. This issue of bullying has become so vast and horrible… as time goes by the things that go on have gotten worse and many cannot find an outlet …because of fear…
    No one deserves this kind of bullying…. Your story I hope will be share by many to encourage many….


  14. Andy

    Hello Linda.
    All I will say is GOOD FOR YOU!
    Continue spreading information like this. Knowledge & understanding are key.
    Life is a journey & each experience or obstacle in it teaches us something out ourselves. We humans are a lot stronger in will than we give ourselves credit for.
    Embrace life, for it IS worth living.

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the visit & nice comment too.

    The Jewels In You


  15. Lynne Watts

    I think this is an amazing post and I can only hope that by sharing it, you encourage someone else who feels desperate to find the hope and spirit that you did. Your friend helped you find the power inside you and you let yourself be open to the possibilities. Life is an amazing blessing and you have made it so.


  16. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Carrie,

    First of all, thank you for visiting and sharing so authentically. And thank you for growing into the living monument to LOVE that you are! Well done!!

    Because we have had these experiences, you and I, we know first-hand that the solution lies within. Then, we teach the power of self-love by BEING self-love day in and day out and role modeling that — especially to children, as you and I both do!

    Who knows what happened in your childhood that came out as this aberration in you? Maybe someone near you loved you, but they didn’t love themselves and you picked up that idiosyncrasy? One way or another, we can usually trace it back to our parents — which is NOT a criticism of them! Whether you look at it spiritually or psychologically, the apple doesn’t usually fall to far from the tree. (You might be interested in my previous post about the spiritual principle of mirroring at http://www.dangerouslinda.com/?p=103 )

    Mrs. Maroney was the perfect guardian angel for me — I hope to be that for others ;-x


  17. leah

    Linda, this was an inspiring post. I believe that each one of us feels pretty desperate from time to time and it’s words like these that give us that extra push to move forward. Well done… thanks;)


  18. jan

    Linda, you know my story is long and messy as is so a lot of people, what I have found is that for every lesson and trial I have over come, I am able to use the wisdom gained for the help of another. For me passing it along is the answer, I have helped many young people change their direction, just by sharing some of my life with them and where decisions to me. I was told at 24 I was unemployable because I had no skills, by a welfare worker, but my then husband would be easy because he had a skill. Well I had a job 2 weeks later and kept that job for nearly 30 years. The reason I got the job was because I made the decision to do it. I talked the the companies intake lady and as she asked me questions I answered with what she knew was honesty. I was asked about book keeping, I said no formal education but I have been running my household for 7 years on my own, asked about maintenance (cleaning ect.), I gave the same answer. I put everything back to my life experience, she told me at the end that I was a smart and strong young lady and they would be proud to call me their employee. It was my first “real” job, I learned a lot over the years in that company and they always supported me in my growth. When it was time for me to leave the understood that too and never pulled a judgment. I know I was blessed with this position and I will always be grateful for the chance I was given.


  19. jan

    Ah crap, I ought to have read that over before I hit post. Sorry for all the goofs.


  20. Jessica

    Wow..this was quite a story…I am so glad that you never went through with ending your life…You are absolutely right — life IS amazing! I’m not familiar with Zig Ziglar but you and that video has me intrigued to learn more about him. I enjoyed reading and knowing the fact that your life has changed..that you rose up out of an awful situation to become a person who is strong, empowered and filled with creativity and an awe towards life. You are an inspiring person.


  21. Alpana Jaiswal

    I have always admired u Linda,and after reading this post,my respect and admiration for you grows…At some point or the other in life,I think each of us must have thought that life couldn’t get worse than this,and its the end..I have experienced this several times,and di seriously think of ending my life..I thank God for giving me the wisdom and strength to get out of it..Suicide as we all know is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and problems are meant to keep us on our toes and there is not an issue that is larger than life, there is not a MAN, WOMAN or SITUATION that is worth taking your life over and if that is the effect that someone has on you whether you are with them or not, you do not need them in your life to begin with, when a person takes their own life they not only damage their physical body, but they damage their soul as well.The most important thing that anyone who is contemplating suicide needs to know is that there is hope and there are answers and resolutions to your problems that don’t include inflicting harm upon yourself.Love yourself, be true to yourself, live your life with God like principals, set goals, create a plan and follow through. Work on yourself Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically and most of all make your well being a priority, in doing so you will enable someone else to make you a priority in their life as well! There is nothing more unattractive than a needy, clingy individual, work your magic and come from a place of strength and do not be afraid of asking for the help that you need.
    I had thought of writing a similar post,thank u Linda….The people left behind remain scarred forever…


  22. Marie

    I know you’ve alluded to your past before, but I’m glad you felt compelled to put it down on paper…or keyboard…whatever. Some people live forever in the abuse not knowing how to get out. Some watch the abuse, not knowing what to do. But you and your neighbor aren’t those people. Kudos for making your way out and for sharing your story and inspiration!


  23. Debanjan Banerjee

    Dear Linda,

    I really appreciate your efforts to come out of your ordeal because I almost lost a friend of mine to this same issue. This is so common now days to hear about incidents like teen suicides. I attribute this to two significant factors in our societies.

    One , the rise of extreme individualism. People are just interested about their own lives and they do not bother what others are feeling. People are more and more becoming inward. We are losing ourselves to achieve our successes.

    Two , in our societies people are just too indifferent to violence and virulent hatred. I remember some days back David Goldman telling on a talk radio show regarding the current USA-Iran political scenario , “If you sent the Iranian girls to hi school , they will forget family and not produce babies. That will ensure the Persian language being not spoken by anyone in future. I dislike Rumi , I dislike Hafez , I dislike Saadi and I do want them to be lost to posterity and oblivion.”

    This is a serious case of hatred and bigotry here. I mean I never believed someone could talk about the poetry of Rumi , I mean Rumi was the pioneer of love poetry , in that hateful way. And the attitude of the callers and the host Jamie Glazov was also pretty distressing to hear. I mean in a society where death and destruction are taken this gleefully what more you can expect ?

    What we need I think a revamping of the way we go about our business and education in life. A complete revamp of the whole thing I believe.

    I wish and pray for you to be an extremely successful and proud woman in life. But please do not sacrifice empathy for others to be successful.

    I advise you to read Rumi’s romantic poetry. That will surely be helpful.

    Please write back to me what do you think about my comments.

    My email id : [email protected]

    Thanks and regards with best wishes


  24. Robin

    Wow, what a message! Unfortunately, the young children out there are not always capable of seeking respite from bullying. My son is 11 and is on the Autism Spectrum. It took me, as a parent, paying attention to the “incidents” happening at school to realize that he was fighting back to bullying. I put my foot down, screamed bloody murder, and MADE the school listen to me. As he is impaired on social and emotional reciprocity, it was MY job to stand up for him. It worked. While he is not in my care, THEY are responsible to protect him, as they shuld be for every child. In your situation, that was obviously not the case, but I find that parents are being lackadaisical in their responsibilities, not opening their eyes, ears, and hearts to see what is really going on. Thank you for writing this.


  25. Jerly

    (One thing I’ve realized is that the more challenges I come across, the more challenges I’m able to overcome. I grow in strength and wisdom with every experience. I can honestly say that I embrace all the experiences of my life because they have contributed to me becoming the woman I am today. )
    I TOTALLY agree


  26. wendy

    This post is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your story.

    be blessed wildly,


  27. Brenda

    And you said you didn’t deep into the past! This is a powerful personal story. You are such a warm and lovely woman, it is hard for me to see that you had to live through this, but on the other hand, here on these pages I see a woman with great capacity for love and passions. You story is painful, but like the others who commented above, you fought to survived. A person doesn’t need to be defined by their past, which you have proved. This is truly a wonderful dedication to life. Thanks kindly for sharing.


  28. Annie

    My heart breaks because I knew you way back then, and as I was being loved and encouraged, living a picture perfect childhood, you were being abused and battered. I wish I could have been more of a support to you back then. I guess the truth of the matter is, the jokes on them, they made you into the strong, amazing woman that you are today. Not because of how they treated you but in spite of it! Cheers to you Linda, you have overcome what ever evil they threw at you and are now a strong, beautiful soul. Lucky are we that get to peek into your life through your pictures. And what a wonderful life it is that you have created for yourself and your children! ox


  29. Ron


    A wonderful story! Compelling and encouraging. I have had similar thoughts in my life. Emptiness and silence brought them on. It is difficult to reach deep and find strength to heal and grow, but it is possible.

    We have to learn to treat ourselves at least as well as we would a loved one or close friend.

    Thank you for the post. Very good advice, and heart felt.

    Be well,


  30. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Savira,

    Sometimes it’s hard to even grasp the reality of children like Kierra dying by their own hands. She should be giggling with girlfriends and painting pretty pictures in my art class…

    That’s why I wrote this piece, which some accuse me of ‘digging up dirt from the past’ and talking about things in public which should be kept private.

    We can change the world but first we must change our minds about the world!

    Thank you for your love and support! XOXOX


  31. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Andy! ~

    I agree with everything you have said in your comment! You nailed it! And most of all: “We humans are a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for.”

    When we think of anyone hurting our ‘babies’ it strikes at the heart of our vulnerabilities. We may naturally become afraid… But, we need to find strength in our fear or we inadvertently pass fear & helplessness onto the next generation who we were, ironically, trying to protect.

    The legacy we really want to hand on to them is STRENGTH!

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your loving wisdom! XOXOX


  32. Dangerous Linda

    Hello, Lynne & Leah! — Thank you for stopping by to join the conversation! XOXOX

    @Lynne: I appreciate your kind words about my story and my work! I hope someone is encouraged toward empowerment by something shared here — then, my work is working!

    @Leah: Your loving & supportive words touch my heart and mean so much to me — thank you!


  33. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Jan,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

    What if teens understood the truth in your statement: “for every lesson and trial I have overcome, I am able to use the wisdom gained for the help of another — for me passing it along is the answer.”

    I think that makes a huge difference in a person’s experience, to believe that something good can come out of it, however terrible the experience itself might be!

    Your story reminds me of another Zig Ziglar quote:

    “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

    Blessings and LOVE to you, My Dear! Thank you for all that you are! XOXOX


  34. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Jessica! —

    You will love Zig Ziglar — Very inspirational guy!

    Zig’s claim to fame is that he is “one of the 10 greatest salespeople of all time”. I also enjoyed a very successful sales career before I became an artist and teacher. So, Mrs. Maroney not only saved my life but prepared me for a profitable career in the process — haha!

    Thank you for stopping by to say “Hi!” — it is always a joy to visit with you! XOXO


  35. Bongo

    I am thankful to that woman who changed your thinking..who helped your mind rest..I am saddened by the little girl who didn’t have that opportunity..who saw no way out except to take her own life….I wish just changing my thoughts etc would be a cure all for me..but it will take a great deal more that that.. but I am thank ful for having P by my side…As always…XOXOXOXO


  36. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Alpana,

    I love the advice you offer: “Work on yourself Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically and most of all make your well being a priority, in doing so you will enable someone else to make you a priority in their life as well! …work your magic and come from a place of strength and do not be afraid of asking for the help that you need.”

    Nobody deserves to be bullied! But, the worse thing is when the person being bullied decides to identify as nothing but a ‘victim’ and then bullies themselves by taking the physical abuse to a new level of threatening their own life!

    I know you agree that we are not here to criticize, we’re simply offering an alternative which helped us and hopefully it will help some others. It’s called personal empowerment!

    Thank you for all that you are, My Friend! I appreciate your authentic and thoughtful words of wisdom and support! XOXOX


  37. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Marie! ~

    Thank you for your kind words and support!

    I really don’t want to be the ‘abuse blogger’, you know? But, I have learned a couple things along the way and hopefully others can benefit from my experience

    I am always delighted to see a comment from the qassabah — Peaceout! XOXOX


  38. Dangerous Linda

    Hello, Debanjan! ~

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I feel great empathy for others — that’s why I posted this article to help them help themselves through the power intrinsic within them…


    Great lions can find peace in a cage.
    But we should only do that
    as a last

    So those bars I see that restrain your wings,
    I guess you won’t mind
    if I pry them

    ~ Rumi


  39. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Robin! ~

    I’m all for conscientious parents, like you, watching over and standing up for their children. That is the ideal scenario, right? Bravo!

    The bigger picture, however, is that Mama Bear won’t always be there to protect them — especially as they get older. That’s why it’s important to encourage them to explore their personal power at the same time while we are nurturing and caring for our little cubs.

    Can we do both? Sure we can! ‘Cause we’re Super Moms ;-x

    Thank you for visiting and bringing these important considerations to the topic at hand! Please come back soon! XOXO


  40. Tameka (@Tamstarz)

    Linda, whenever I hear about young people or anyone for that matter who commit suicide it just breaks my heart. A loss of a life is a loss for humanity. I grew up in an abusive home as well and there were times when I questioned my reason for living. I am so thankful that I had friends, teachers and neighbors just like the one you had who watched out for me and let me know that I was loved and special. Sometimes even with the reassurance it was still difficult. In this moment I say a prayer for all who are hurting and pray that they too find a lifeline.

    Thanks for this honest and emotional post.



  41. Dangerous Linda

    Welcome, Jerly and Wendy! Thank you for stopping by to say “Hi!”

    @Jerly: Your comment reminds me of this quote from Alan Cohen,

    “Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.”

    @Wendy: I appreciate you hanging out awhile and leaving such a kind comment!


  42. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Brenda! ~

    Yup. You caught me digging into the past even though my ‘editor’ (my son) constantly reminds me, “A blog is not a memoir, Mom!” haha!

    I appreciate your kind words — your lovely compliments give me something to live up to!



  43. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Annie,

    I must admit, when I see what a ‘daddy’s girl’ you are it makes me a little jealous — haha!

    But, everybody gets what they get, and I truly am happy with the way it all came out in the mix for me.

    See, I’m one of those people who would never eat dessert first, I believe in saving the best for last… and that’s the story of this lifetime for me. My life is SO DAMN GREAT now that I would have gone through Hell to get here — and I guess I kind of did

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful, loving self here — Please come back soon! XOXOX


  44. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Ron! ~

    This is a powerful message: “It is difficult to reach deep and find strength to heal and grow, but it is possible.” This is the character that comes through in your writing which originally attracted me to you.

    Thank you for linking your story ‘Bully for You’ to this post and sharing my post on FB, too! (http://ifihadablogpart2.blogspot.com/2012/01/bully-for-you.html)

    I appreciate your kind heart, sharp mind and quick wit — amazing combination!



  45. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Bonnie! ~

    Did you interpret my story as reading that changing my thoughts was an easy, quick fix? It was not!

    Mrs. Maroney set me on a path which has been unfolding for over 30 years of spiritual seeking, trying, failing, therapy, trying, succeeding, reading, trying, failing, marriages, trying, failing, trying, succeeding…..

    When I left Mrs. Moroney’s house I went home and still had to deal with the emotional, psychological and physical abuse which only continued to get worse. For me, the big difference was that I started imagining how I would escape by (getting married and) moving out instead of escaping through killing myself. That plan posed its own intrinsic challenges, but at least it kept me alive while I continued to grow and heal.

    I’m so glad you have P. A great therapist is worth their weight in gold! Holding you in my heart!



  46. Dangerous Linda

    Hi, Tameka! ~

    Big cyber-hug for Little Girl Tameka!!!

    Thank you for all that you are and for sharing your wonderful self with me!!!



  47. Corinne Rodrigues

    I read your post and shared it but didn’t comment, Linda. However, your sharing has been on my mind all week. What Mrs Moroney did for you was such a beautiful gift – reaching out to a hurt kid, with kindness and in a non-intrusive way and provide them the resources they need to help themselves. And through you she has impacted so many lives, including mine. Thank you for sharing, Linda. I love you. (and Mrs Moroney and of course Zig is an old favorite!)


  48. sulekha

    Linda, Your story is so sad but what you made out of life is so inspiring and brave. Loss of a young life because of bullying is heartbreaking. No child should go through this. There are many who give up hope during trying times but if they get a helping hand to support them, a sympathetic listener, a caring individual to believe in them, they survive and become stronger. Thanks for sharing this sensitive post.


  49. Janaki Nagaraj

    You have to be very strong to come out of something like this. Yes, Life is truly amazing. You are an inspiration to many…thanks.


  50. Debra

    I’m so behind in reading my friend’s wonderful post. I heart this powerful message Linda. Against all odds, we can overcome any obstacles. Like the proverb says, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.” It’s not how many times we fall, it’s how many times we get back up.
    I’d have never guessed you were bullied back in the day. There’s much press about this subject nowadays, but this is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve read, which I just tweeted.


  51. Dangerous Linda

    Dear Corinne,

    I must admit, your comment made me tear up. I hadn’t thought of my story in this context: “And through you she has impacted so many lives…”

    I accept the Truth in this statement and my gratitude multiplies.

    You, Corinne, have the gift of bringing out the best in the people around you! What more could I want in a friend? I appreciate YOU!

    love, love, love, L2


  52. Dangerous Linda

    Sulekha & Janaki: Thank you for jumping in with your ideas and comments!

    @Sulekha: One of the most beautiful and fragile qualities of many teenagers is that they don’t understand how long life is and how ephemeral today’s circumstances are. Hopefully, we can reach some of them and turn the tide as Mrs. Moroney did with me.

    @Janaki: Most people are stronger than they realize, right? Sometimes it takes a challenge to really understand our true strength — I appreciate your kind remarks


  53. Brenda

    Your son, the editor, has a point, but a blog, in my opinion, is what we want it to be. I don’t get extreme couponing blogs, but hey, it’s their corner of the blogosphere…


  54. Portia

    I know what bullying is. Just recently some girls planned and played foul with me on the basketball court causing injury to my right arm which I couldn’t use for almost a fortnight! It always happens on the campus. Everywhere some people will always play dirty.


  55. rimly

    You are an amazingly strong and sensitive woman Linda. It takes a lot to see positive in a negative and come out strong. You have done just that. It is admirable. For a very long time I would bemoan my life but of late I have tried to look at the brighter side even in the darkest of moments. Thank you sharing this


  56. Vegas Linda Lou

    Beautiful post, Linda. I admire your full-frontal honestly. So many people from our era grew up with craziness; you’d like to think times are changing. Teen suicide breaks my heart. Although it’s gotten more attention in recent years, there’s still a long way to go for increasing awareness.


  57. Cairn Rodrigues

    Great post!! You took control of your life, more importantly you allowed someone to open a window for you. Maybe we should all stop pointing at the bullies, giving them strength and attention and making them seem more powerful than they actually are. Let’s all start pointing to the window openers instead, let’s give them the attention and power, let’s show how the power of love overcomes the power of hate.


    Dangerous Linda Reply:

    @Cairn Rodrigues,

    Welcome to my world! So nice to ‘meet’ you!

    I find it fascinating the way our Facebook conversation around this topic has unfolded. Specifically, the person who advocates protecting victims (and the concept of victim-hood) immediately starts blaming you for basically threatening her POV, when it is actually she who is attacking your POV! Thereby insuring herself the continuing role of being eternally victimized. So be it.

    I appreciate your forthrightness and thoughtfulness. Looking forward to getting to know you through our cyber community, posts and comments! XO


    Cairn Rodrigues Reply:

    @Dangerous Linda, I feel kind of sure that she started hating on me the moment I called parents bullies lol. The truth hurts. But I’m a parent and I have bullied, so there it is.


  58. Irene @ In A Different Place

    “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” I try to remind myself of this one whenever I find myself again falling into the pit of self-pity. Mrs. Moroney is truly a blessing.

    Thank you for your honesty, Linda, because I always find your posts empowering. God bless!


  59. Cathy

    Powerful post, Linda. I was so moved by it. Thanks for sharing. We are grateful to Mrs. Moroney and Zig Ziglar, too.
    Cathy recently posted…Give Life a ChanceMy Profile


  60. Vishal bheeroo

    I’ve read bout zig ziglar and he’s madly awesome. It is such a healthy and enriching post on the beauty of human life coz there are so many beautiful things ahead.


  61. Debra

    Love your transcendent story dear Linda. How could you EVER forget the wisdom of Mrs. Moroney and Zig Ziglar!

    I remember one of my teachers who gave me the gift I’ve always kept in my heart. She had us memorize Psalm 23, and do you know I’ve never forgotten? To this day I know where the still waters are. I know that I have and will always have enough. I know where to find peace and rest: in those green pastures.
    Debra recently posted…Forgive or DieMy Profile


  62. Connie Omari

    What a sad story? This really forces us to all consider the challenges associated with suicide… Especially those of the younger generations. You are so inspiring and insightful in your post, and I thank you much for sharing… Soooo… sooo… sorry

    Connie Omari recently posted…Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman's Guide through Her Write of PassageMy Profile


    Connie Omari Reply:

    @Connie Omari,

    OMG! Please excuse my huge photo… I thought that it would show a tiny picture beside my name to show who the author of the post was… not this big picture that takes up your comment section… That is such poor blog etiquette! Can you delete it or show me how too? Sorry…
    Connie Omari recently posted…Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman's Guide through Her Write of PassageMy Profile


  63. Lisa Marie Farfalla

    WOW! Thank God for Mrs. Moroney who took the time to POUR into your life. Today, that seems to be missing in the lives of children. There is NO one willing to SPEAK into their lives. Whether it be a teacher, pastor, parent, or friend. It seems that everyone is too busy, now? The kids are having to defend themselves and are being raised by celebrities and the internet. There is no REAL communication and celebration of WHO they are. Many kids feel lost. It is a sad and lonely place to be.

    Thank you for speaking out on this and bringing AWARENESS.

    We all need to have our SOULS fed just as much as our mind and body. I find inspiration through music and the word of God. I will also read inspirational books or daily devotions.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW Year!
    Lisa Marie Farfalla recently posted…With all the trimmingsMy Profile


  64. rigzin namgyal

    ..whaoo..very powerful Linda..
    ..your post is very inspiring..it teaches us to love life,to live life and above all to love ourselves..
    ..just because of few bad people..we cannot put an end to this precious life..which God has gifted us..
    ..bullying is an universal..it exists out here also..in schools,colleges and universities..few people are able to come out of it like you..but some end up taking their lives..their only way to an easy escape..i feel very bad and sorry for them..
    ..your story is full of optimism and hope..please keep on sharing such stories..


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